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Save thousands of dollars in fees and keep your business going through the COVID-19 health crisis


Dear Restauranteurs,

We are living in a new reality and none of us knows how long this crisis will last. Multiples states in the US are requiring restaurants to limit operations to pick up and deliveries only.

You an I know that this is a challenge. 

It is a challenge because delivery apps eat up 15-30% of your revenue in fees. It is a challenge because when customers order pickup by phone you do not have a guarantee of payment. And these days, you need to take payment curbside, something your current POS might not be able to facilitate.

At WAAVE we have spent the last 4 years addressing the many issues the F&B in Asia had as it relates to mobile payments, operation flow, and integrated loyalty programs. As the new kids on the block in Portland, we have been focusing on retail operations, but due to this terrifying health crisis, we have decided to quickly launch WAAVEPay for restaurants.

We are here to help you thrive through hard times and we are going to give you the new tools you need to adapt to this new normal.


Below we'll explain to you how it works, we will offer you fees that are 80% lower than what other apps are currently charging you and we promise you we can have you up and running in 1 hour.

We are in this together, this is the least we can do for the industry that put us on the map and it is our way to help everyone around retain some sense of sanity, food from your favorite restaurant can brighten your day, we want to make that happen.

I am here, my team is here (working from home!) and you can reach us anytime with questions. Because this is my promise to you, below is my number, feel free to contact me.

Stay safe, Stay healthy


Silvana Carpanelli Hayes


(646) 908-8655

HOW it


1. Your customer places the order on the phone.

2. You let them know the total

3. They open the app to use WAAVEPay sending the money directly to you. The order is now prepaid, it pops up on your dashboard.

4. You can send a push notification to the customer when the order is ready to pick up. No additional hardware needed

5. Bring the order to their car

Contactless curbside pickup


ALL the


1. No contract, no subscriptions, no hidden costs

2. 5% transaction fee + $0.30 per order

3. Menu prices guaranteed! You don't need to inflate the price to cover the costs. Your customers will rather WAAVE, you save, they save

4. You can offer a cashback incentive for their next order. This is the best loyalty program available. If they do not come back to use it you have zero marketing cost. We never keep expired cashback

The transparency

we all need right now.



1. Use your Social Media channels to spread the word

2. When a customer downloads the app they'll be ready to pay in less than 3 minutes! If they have Apple Pay or Google Pay they don't have to enter a credit card

3. Find the restaurant on the list and tap on WAAVEPay

4. Enter the total amount and tap to pay... that is easy.

5. If the Merchant has a cashback program the app will instantly say how much you have earned for your next visit!

User-friendly, safe and convenient

Sign up now, you'll be up and running TODAY!

We'll contact you for other information related to the payout process as we will need your banking information. We will also schedule a web conf call to quickly train you on the system. It takes 5 minutes! 

We are happy to commit marketing budget to promote your business and to help customers download the app and be WAAVEPay ready!

Fill out the form and we'll get back to you today with account details and banking info request

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